Montezuma Hot Springs


Six miles northwest of Las Vegas, the warm, healing, mineral-charged pools of Montezuma Hot Springs are one of Mother Nature’s myriad blessings found in northern New Mexico.

Centuries ago, native warriors healed their wounds in these springs after battle. It’s said that Jesse James and Billy the Kid probably spent an evening or two relaxing after hours of throwing cards in an old adobe nearby. Visitors to the luxurious Montezuma Hotel in the 1890s came for the precious minerals in rejuvenating waters advertised in promotional books published by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway –

“Even imaginary ailments give way before forces so potent for good.”

Today the bubbling springs are captured in open-air cement pools that still remain long after the closing of the Montezuma Hotel. The Hotel, in eyeshot of the pools, now serves as the administration building of the United World College – USA. It’s a beautiful setting, as the springs lie along the Gallinas River and are adjacent to several historic buildings.

Although located on private property, UWC allows free public access to the springs, maintains regulations for using the tubs and sees they are kept clean. Bathing suits are required.

Several small soaking pools, range from very hot to warm, in addition to larger rock pools christened the “lobster pot” (a very hot 120°), and “Africa” (102.7°) for its familiar shape.