Las Vegas, New Mexico is a quaint and charming town.

Since its establishment in 1835, Las Vegas was the first of its name and one of the biggest boomtowns in the southwest.

The town is rich in history; infamous outlaws, famous lawmen, and historic figures once walked the streets or took refuge in some of the grandest hotels. History is preserved through tales and within the 900 buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Travel through time as you immerse yourself in colonial style architecture and the Wild West essence.

Famous directors and actors have been mesmerized and left their imprint on Las Vegas. Become captivated by the diverse and lavish culture, language, savory food and festive celebrations. Las Vegas is encompassed by meadows of green, a glittering lake and a corridor of natural hot springs and a river that leads to abundant mountains and peaks.

Las Vegas offers countless splendors and a sense of adventure.
Plan a trip; you will be greeted with welcoming smiles and friendly chatter.