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Fiestas de Las Vegas 2019

"La Celebración De Nuestra Señora De Los Dolores De Las Vegas Grandes"


La Reina Y Reinita

July 5, 2019

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2019 Fiestas De Las Vegas HEADLINER

2019 Fiestas de Las Vegas HEADLINER

David Olivarez

David Olivarez was born in San Antonio, Texas on May 14th. He is the youngest of five children. The Regional/Tejano Singer is very family oriented and very close to his parents. His parents use to take David to the local family parks in San Antonio where many pioneers of the Tejano Music(back then known as Chicano Music) use to perform at outdoors events.While the majority of children were playing, David could always be found“front row and center” of the stage as the Performers were playing their hearts out for the crowd.

David Olivarez was 10 years old when his parents decided to move to Houston, Texas. Education was of the utmost importance to David’s parents due to the fact that his parents were unable to attend school. His parents were migrant workers in the fields of Texas, Washington and many other states, as other Hispanic families were at that time.


David Olivarez graduated at the top of his class and received numerous awards and medals, mostly for being 1st place chair of “The Prestigious Symphonic Marching Band” of his high school. After high school graduation David went straight to college. After a couple of months of college David was faced with the opportunity to begin a music career with a major record label, after a talent scout heard him singing for fun at a local night club.


David recorded a demo song for the company and was quickly offered a record contract. Against the wishes of his parents he decided to take a chance and soon found himself inside a recording studio. He recorded his first CD called “Tú y Yo” where he knew he had to set himself apart from his now called “friendly competition peers” so he decided to record a cumbia style song with English lyrics called “She’s About A Mover”, not knowing if Tejano radio station would play the song because of the English lyrics, David and the record label took a chance. It was a chance well taken. The Tejano radio stations loved the new style and soon it became a hit in Houston and all Tejano radio stations were playing his music.


David's parents quickly took notice and became involved in his career and became his Manager, booking agent and at times even roadies, whatever it took to keep his dream alive his parents were there to support his every decision. David’s music was well received in Mexico, especially Monterrey, Nuevo León more than he realized and this took his career to a whole different level, something that David, being unexperienced was not ready for.

Usually Tejano Bands “make it” in the United States then try to cross over into Mexico. In David’s case this was the total opposite, although his songs such as Billboard hits like “Y Te Lo Pido”, She’s About A Mover” Luna and his smash hit “Soñador” were being played in the United States his performances and career were taking off faster than he could keep up.

While David was performing in front of thousands of fans, he was quickly informed about his Mother’s health. Being very close to his Mother, this took a large toll on David personally and he decided he had to leave the music scene, bow out and help his family. This was no easy decision for him or his family as his Mother was diagnosed with heart failure caused by artery stents. A year later, she underwent a full quadruple by-pass. The news of his mother’s health was understood by all his fan clubs, music listeners and of course family and friends. With prayer and God’s will, David’s mother made a quick recovery and is still enjoying his music and watching him perform on stage till this very day.

Now that all was back to normal, David decided to give his music career another chance after 7 years of being absent from the music business. During the absence of his music career everything about the music business was new. Social media became a big roll in music and the fact that radio stations began to change their format was a huge game changer.


With the support of his family, faithful fans and new record company “Freddie Records”, David is back on the road performing in front of his fans and making new hits.

Fiestas de Las Vegas


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