Start with more than 900 buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Then add hundreds of movie and TV show locations in and around town.

How about our many ghost sightings? The number of real drive-in theaters in Las Vegas? (That would be one—of only two in the state.) Or the beauty of our high desert skies?

Truth is, there’s no single reason to spend time in historic Las Vegas. Festival-goers and antique hunters alike find treasures here. What you won’t find is anything fake. Our town, our people, our spirit—they’re as real as it gets.

So Damn Authentic We Can Prove It

Las Gorras Blancas Poster

Poster available at justseeds.org

We’ve been here, proudly, since 1835. We boomed with the Santa Fe Trail and the railroads. The likes of Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday added to their legends in Las Vegas. And it’s a place where revolutionaries like Las Gorras Blancas (The White Hats) are considered both outlaws and heroes.

Today we leave the shooting to the film crews. But there’s still some Old West mixed with the new, and plenty of small-town charm despite the modern touches. Las Vegas is still a little rugged. Unvarnished. In a word, authentic. And we like it that way.

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