Thanks For The Melodies…Honoring The Musicians of Las Vegas, New Mexico

Thank you for the music you brought into our lives.

That’s pretty much the idea at the center of a wonderful memorial to area musicians created by a group called Las Vegas Musicians Reunited.

What began as a seed of thought among five founding members grew to become a group of 85 local musicians who volunteered their talent to raise money for a memorial honoring those who inspired them to perform themselves.

Musicians Memorial

For each name on their list of 550 of inspirational musicians, deceased and living a cobblestone was etched and installed in a creative concentric pattern under the Bridge Street Breezeway.

Like similar memorials that combine the names of those we want to honor, it’s a moving tribute to see them together as a community whose art and talent has given us so much.

LVMR members hope the memorial will motivate schools to advance their music departments and inspire students to get involved in music for generations to come. When asked about the underlying motivation for this memorial, One LVMR member replied,

“It’s simple – we wanted to give back to our home town.”

Musicians would know. While the music they create exists only in the moment, their art enriches us for a lifetime.

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