Adventuresome spirits and restless souls — Las Vegas has its share of both. Follow the Ghost Trail to several well-known sites in town where paranormal phenomena have been witnessed.

Start at the Plaza Hotel, where former owner Byron T. Mills (who died in 1947) is said to haunt Rooms 310 and 316 as well as his namesake saloon.

Numerous sightings over the years have made Byron T. our most famous ghost. But he’s hardly alone. Las Vegas Station is the location of another haunting—a ghost nicknamed “Alley” that appears in the railroad depot at night, opening and closing doors.

Old railroad depot where a ghost named "Alley" is said to appear.

The old railroad depot where a ghost named “Alley” is said to appear. The depot is now the Visitor’s Center.

Like the Plaza Hotel, the Castañeda Hotel has been featured on TV exposes of ghost sightings. Formerly part of the Harvey House chain of hotels, which served train customers throughout the American West, the Castañeda is under renovation. Multiple apparitions have been reported there.

The Castaneda Hotel

The Castaneda Hotel

In a previous life, Montezuma Castle was a hotel, built on the site of two other hotels that both burned down. Today the building is part of Armand Hammer United World College (UWC-USA), just north of town. It has two ghosts — that of a man who walks the halls and a woman who haunts the building’s turret-shaped corner tower. The campus is a private facility, so contact UWC-USA for permission to visit.

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