#27 Las Vegas, NM, Film Trail

Once upon a time, one of most famous filmmakers in America’s fledgling movie industry traveled to Las Vegas, New Mexico with cast and crew to shoot ten silent films.

The year was 1913, and the entire company fell in love with what was to become their home for the next six months of production.

Like many great stars, Las Vegas continues to be discovered for her unique qualities the camera loves – exquisite light, scenery that defines the Southwest’s breathtaking beauty, ruggedness and charm, architectural styles and structures choices far beyond a Hollywood heyday back lot, a peaceful environment and a welcoming community eager to help anyway they can.


Location, Location, Location

When it comes to cinematic storytelling, a film’s location is as important as the story itself, or the actors, costumes and lighting. Locations capture essential elements of time, place and the collective character of the people the story is about. Set selection is usually the work of a film’s production designer – the artist responsible for the visual concept of a film. It’s no wonder, Las Vegas has been become the backdrop for more than 60 feature films over the past 80 years.

The Castenada 1

The Castenada is just one of over 900 buildings on the historic register, making Las Vegas, NM a treasure for filmakers.

The Sweet Charm of Locationography

To celebrate this rich history of filmmaking the City of Las Vegas, NM, has created The Las Vegas Film Tour Guide — a guide to hundreds locations where some of cinema’s most memorable films were shot. And this year (2016), the Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation, is offering a special tour on August 6. More information here.

Movie fans, history buffs, aspiring filmmakers, art students, designers or just those who like to connect with the energy of the very place where cinematic art was made will enjoy this adventure. And at the end of the day, take in a movie at one of the our local theaters; The Fort Union Drive-in, the Indigo or the Serf.


Ft Union Drivein 2

Take in a movie at the Fort Union Drive-in at the end of your trail day.

Download the Historic Las Vegas New Mexico Film Tour Guide here.

Special Film Locations

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