A beautiful pond located just beneath a steep, gorgeous mountain side. The pond was once the
key location for Ice production throughout the entire southwest. In the past, people did not have
refrigerators to store and make ice. Instead, they used ice chests or what is now known as
coolers with ice to keep food cool and fresh.

A company made a dam in the river which then led to sending water to homes and fire hydrants
in Las Vegas. The railroad later arrived in the 1800s and built a track from Las Vegas to
Montezuma Castle. The pond froze allowing hundreds of men to become employed in ice

Montezuma was not only an ice production lake but also known for ice skating during its winter
months. Throughout the years the pond has lost its ability to freeze causing the historical ice
skating to disappear.

Following disappearance of the freezing of ice and ice skating, the pond became a place for the
youth to hang out at night. They parked along the side meeting up and star watching until the
late 90s. Now people mostly fish and use the landscape for photographs during summer months
and graduations. You will also catch local families sledding down the side of the mountain
during the winter months when they are able to cross the river to the other side.

There has recently been meetings of plans to restore the pond to its original state. The plan also
includes the addition of benches to allow a place for changing into ice skates. This would mean
that once again the local community and visitors would be able to skate in the winter months
and enjoy the wonderful view of the steep mountain face.

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