Las Vegas, N.M. is your gateway to the Sabinoso Wilderness area.

Designated a wilderness area by Congress in 2009, the Sabinoso Wilderness is 19,000 acres of remote beauty. Just a short drive from Las Vegas, it’s situated along the Canadian Escarpment where the Las Vegas Plateau drops away to the Canadian River, the Wilderness gets its name from the abundance of juniper trees. One of the prominent features is Canyon Largo. This deep canyon cuts into colorful sandstone, and a small intermittent stream flows at the base, providing water for wildlife and cottonwood trees. The wind-carved cliffs and treed slopes make for great hiking, horseback riding, hunting, camping, birding and nature sightseeing.

To get to the Sabinoso Wilderness area, take State Route 104 east from las vegas, NM. Drive 32 miles to the village of Trujillo, where you will turn left onto Country Road C51A. Drive seven miles, following the signs, turn left at the “Y”, and continue another three miles north to the parking area.

Sabinoso Wilderness

Background image courtesy of Jeremy Romero, New Mexico Wildlife Federation.

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