If you love to hike and aren’t scared of heights, Hermit’s Peak might be the perfect day trip for you.

Named for the Italian religious recluse Giovanni Maria de Agostini (say that three times), Hermit’s Peak is surrounded in lore. Legend has it that Giovanni carved out a small cave on a narrow ledge and lived there from 1863 to 1866. The cave was so low Giovanni could never stand up, and to protect himself from the elements (and the sheer drop below) he built a rock wall around the mouth of the cave.

Hermit’s Peak Trail is an 8.1 lightly trafficked out and back trail, and is recommended for experienced hikers. The first part of the trail is lighter than the second. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash. It features a river, and is used for hiking, walking, camping and horseback riding. And if you look closely at the peak from a distance, some say you can see the face of Giovanni looking into the sky…

Trail length: 8.1 miles

Elevation: 10,267 ft.

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