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#15  El Zócalo Art Gallery

Located under Sheriff Longmire’s office, El Zócalo Art Gallery has Longmire themed original art items for purchase.
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#61 Furniture-N-More

Receive 10% off traditional arts, including Nuestra Señora de Dolores de Las Vegas Grandes and authentic wool weavings, colcha embroidery and tinwork.
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#112 Greater Las Vegas–CAN, Inc.

La Llorona–more than a myth, more than a legend–perhaps it’s her maternal instincts, her love for Mother Earth. “Cultura Cura”…Take it with you!
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#18 Happenstance LLC

Putting Down Tracks. Learn how to knit and crochet railroad and trolley tracks. Supplies will be provided for $10.
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#33 Love Musica

Take a music lesson to learn “Route 66” on guitar or any other instrument or vocally.
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#133 Casa de Cultura

Come visit Casa de Cultura for art education, a seed exchange, stargazing, El Milpa Community Garden, and celebrations for Cinco de Mayo and Dia de Los Muertos.
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#13 B-3

Come taste the juicy history of Las Vegas in the Billy the Kid and Cowboy BBQ burgers at B-3.
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#109 Dick’s Pub and Restaurant

Come have a Las Vegas themed cocktail at Dick’s Pub and Restaurant. Cocktail list includes the Meadow City Mule, Doc Holiday’s Dog and Billy the Kid’s Berry Splash, along with many more.
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#84 K-Bob’s of Las Vegas

Come taste the “Rest for the Weary Trail Traveler” chicken fried steak with a salad wagon.
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#43 Semilla Natural Foods

Visit the Hermit’s Medicine Chest with over 150 herbs, teas and spices. Local herbs, used for many generations, including Osha Root and more.
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#8 The Skillet

The “Dirty Dave” cocktail. If Dirty Dave Rudebaugh were around today, he’d probably enjoy this exciting concoction of Red Bull, Goldschlager, and Jagermeister.
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#63 The Dawg House

Come taste the “Vegas Dog Combo,” a special frito pie dog.

#83 Ulibarri Farms Candy Shoppe

Take home Damn Authentic green chili pecan brittle, red chili peanut brittle and biscochito brittle, along with our famous 1835 Special.
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#105 2 Ten: A Galeria of Art & Treasures

With the purchase of a jar of Red Pony salsa and bloody mary mix you will receive a free bag of chips.
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#117 JC’s New York Pizza Department

Come taste the “Roosevelt’s Calvary Calzone,” filled with pepperoni and our delicious ingredients.
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#120 Borracho’s Craft Booze and Brews

Come enjoy a “Vicente Silva” old fashioned cocktail or a “La Llorona” margarita, made perfect.
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#131 El Rialto

Come try our “Montezuma” tea cocktail made with top shelf ingredients and a splash of coke.
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#134 Olivia’s Cafe

Are you a burger fanatic? Come enjoy the Rough Rider Burger with bacon, mushrooms, guacamole, green chile and your choice of french fries or chips.
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#142 Pino’s Restaurant

Hungry for breakfast or lunch? Check out Pino’s for the Easy Rider Breakfast Sandwich or Vegas Chef Salad.
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#23 Crow’s Nest Bed and Breakfast

Customers who call to make reservations in the Big Nose Kate (yellow room), Dirty Dave Rudebaugh (blue room) and Vicente Silva rooms will receive a 20% discount.
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#3 Plaza Hotel

Do you want to experience Las Vegas’ history first hand? Did you know Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President, stayed at the Plaza Hotel twice? And Romain Fielding, who first brought silent films to Las Vegas, named the Plaza Hotel the Romain Hotel? To create your own history in Las Vegas, book your stay at the Plaza Hotel.
Email reservations@plazahotellvnm.com or info@plazahotellvnm.com
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#32 Divine Dental Centre

Doc “Holliday” Valdez, DDS is offering The Acequia Madre Special dental exam and consultation and The Santa Fe Trail Special dental.
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#92 ECCSolar

ECCSolar are the Solar Cowboys riding down from Hermits Peak packing their most popular grid-tied inverter, the Sunny Boy 3.8k, to shoot down your electric bills with solar photons.
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#67 Gil’s Lock & Key

“Road Runner Lockout” services for residents locked out of their homes and vehicles.

#114 Old Wood, LLC

“Bridge St. Floor” 3.25” Douglas fir T&G flooring (not CVG) finished with a clear UV cured protective coating to accent the wood’s natural beauty.
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#46 Las Vegas First IBA

Joe Lordi’s book Las Vegas, New Mexico features 400 pages of 1,000 photographs of beautiful Las Vegas, NM.
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#81 Mineral Hill Jewelry

Mineral Hill Jewelry is offering a special gift set that includes a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.

#60 Paper Trail

10% discount off of 2018 Las Vegas Historic Postcards and Calendars.
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#25 Plaza Antiques

Find your inner cowboy with western attire selections including cowboy boots, hats, buckles, belts, vests and chaps along with saddles, western décor, cow horns, and deer antlers.
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#71 Unikat Fine Jewelry

Receive 20% off the Montezuma Medallion and Las Vegas Silver Spoon at Unikat Fine Jewelry.
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#57 Southwest Detours with Las Vegas Harvey Girl Tours

Learn more about the Harvey Girls history in Las Vegas, NM as you visit the Fred Harvey Hotels, Castaneda and Montezuma Castle. Receive 10% off the price of tours for groups of 4 or more.
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#104 Tito’s Gallery

Vicente Silva slept here! Visit the jail cells where Old West desperados, including members of Vicente Silva’s Sociedad de Bandidos de Nuevo Mexico hung out and did their evil deeds.
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